Erin Foley

I study how multimodal engagements with data through improved access to the core aspects of working with data can facilitate data literacy and data visualization literacy.

Brittney Cooper

My research is focused on language development and, in particular, how children develop relational concepts through social interaction and embodied activity. My current projects are related to language development among children who communicate using Augmentative and Alternative Communication. I am also interested in finding ways to support students who are bilingual and have special learning … Continue Reading »

Jerry The Goat!

About Me: Born a Capricorn (but of course), I was raised on organic alfalfa in a fine Western European free-range pasture. I joined the Embodied Design Research Laboratory around 2008. Little did I know that I would be culturally appropriated as the lab’s mascot. All these years later, I still have mixed feelings about being … Continue Reading »

Julien Putz

I am interested in the cognitive mechanisms that constitute mathematical thinking, drawing primarily on the paradigm of embodiment. < Click name to read more >

Zoe Silverman

I am a doctoral student in the Learning Sciences and Human Development cluster with an interest in object-based teaching and learning in museums… < Click name to read more >

Alyse Schneider

I study teaching as an occupation, schools of education, pedagogical theory, and the use of education to solve political problems… < Click name to read more >

Jessica Benally

I am a first year doctoral student in the SESAME program with a concentration in mathematics and an interest in integrating mathematics and Indigenous Knowledge… < Click name to read more >

Leah Rosenbaum

I’m primarily interested in tangible learning as a means to concretely explore math concepts and if/how studying math in a physical context differs from a symbolic context. Currently, this interest in manifested in the design of tabletop and floor-based machines/models/toys to play around with … < Click name to read more >

Amelia Farid

I am a fourth year SESAME student, focusing on mathematics education. I am interested in practices of defining in mathematics, as well as in learning trajectories of the development of fraction arithmetic understandings, from elementary through collegiate… < Click name to read more >

Darryl Diptee

My research investigates how minority students might better negotiate their academic identities within oppressive social systems, as informed by embodied cognition. < Click name to read more >

Sofia Tancredi

I am interested in sensory regulation, movement and learning, embodied cognition, sensory dimensions of autism and ADHD, holistic education…

Rachel S. Y. Chen

I am interested in the embodied and interactional practices of individuals on the autism spectrum as they navigate their material and social world. Specifically, I study autistic phenomena (such as stimming, routines, displays of affect), and investigate how these are… < Click name to read more >