Leslie Ellis

It was both a pleasure and honor to host Dr. Leslie Ellis as our guest speaker for Embodied Underground (EU) at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Education. During her time with us she offered an introduction to the concepts of Focusing and Felt Sense based on Dr. Eugene Gendlin’s famous book, Focusing. She also led the group in an exercise that allowed us to experience clearing an [inner] space, and ended by performing a slightly deeper dive into focusing with the help of Dor, the EDRL director, who volunteered to open up for some dream therapy in the presence of the group.

Dr. Leslie Ellis is an author and teacher with an interest in cultivating inner life through dreams and the body. Her book, A Clinician’s Guide to Dream Therapy, is a primer on dreamwork for mental health professionals. She offers online classes on dreamwork and focusing, a gentle experiential practice for listening deeply to one’s body.

Zoom screenshot of Embodied Underground 09-15-2020