Geometris: Designing collaborative mathematical interactions for children.

Durán–López, E., Rosenbaum, L. F., & Iyer, G. V.
In P. Blikstein, D. Abrahamson, M. Worsley, & J. Fails (Eds.), “Logo: The Next 50 Years” – Proceedings of the 16th annual Interaction Design and Children conference (IDC 2017) (Vol. "Demos," pp. 697-700). Stanford University: IDC.

We present Geometris, a collaborative embodied geometry game for 6- to 11-year-old children. As shapes are projected onto the floor, players recreate those shapes on a 6x6 foot interactive mat. At the end of each level, a geometric pattern - the result of overlaying all created shapes - is displayed. Two dimensions of user interaction - mobility and division of labor - emerged during pilot gameplay sessions. We hypothesize that these interactions offer resources for children to learn geometry concepts as well as collaboration skills.