Alik Palatnik

Research interests: I study mathematics instruction and students cognition in various learning environments. My dissertation (supervised by Prof. Boris Koichu, Technion) explores instructional and cognitive affordances of project-based learning (PBL) of mathematics and sheds light into the “black box” of the mathematical inquiry project. In the framework of this empirical study, I investigate my students’ engagement in the specifically designed exploratory projects with an overarching mathematical topic- sequences. The questions that I analyse are: What can be learned by middle school students while engaging in complex activity of an exploratory mathematical project? How the projects are navigated by the students?  

The students’ projects became a habitat of several phenomena: insight solutions, algebraic sense-making, feeling of creativity, and more. I attend to them using the theory of shifts of attention by John Mason.   

Recently I started to develop a new research about the possible uses of public-generated mathematical content (e.g. viral videos and comments on them) in teaching intramural mathematics.

In my master thesis (supervised by Prof. Tommy Dreifus, Tel Aviv University) I explored intuitive thinking of high school students when introducing the auxiliary lines in geometry proofs.  

About me:

I love to learn and I love to teach. My favourites are mathematics (I was a high-school teacher almost 15 years) and dancing (ballroom and tango).

I came as a VS to UCB in August 2015. I hope that my loving family – Ruslana, Ariel, Naama and Carmel – enjoy their stay in Berkeley as much as I do. Before this experience I lived in different countries and cities: Odessa (Ukraine), Acco (Israel), Venice (Italy) and Haifa (Israel). If you need a pattern, they are all on the shores of some sea/ ocean.

I’m also an enthusiastic player in Russian team-trivia game “Что? Где? Когда?”


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