Elan Frenkel

Academic Interests:

I am second year SESAME student exploring cognition in mathematics. I am interested in researching the use of metaphors to design better material for instruction. I am also interested in computational thinking. How does an algorithmic approach to mathematics help us visualize and solve problems? I am a firm believer in using everyday intuitions in mathematics and computer science instruction. Lastly, I am interested in music as an embodied form of mathematics. 

Personal Interests: 

I am a Californian boy born and raised. My parents were born in Israel. Their parents come from Iran, Yemen, and Austria. I have two sisters, one is a photographer, and the other is a journalist. The journalist is currently based in Egypt working for Buzzfeed, and she is sometimes interviewed on NPR. Her name is Sheera Frenkel. In Berkeley I studied mathematics and computer science; this was the beginning of my interest in cognition. After college I spent 5 months in India. I enjoy guitar and piano; meditation and yoga; biking and hiking; basketball and soccer; and sushi.