Manooshree Patel

University of California – Berkeley | Science and Mathematics Education (SESAME)

Contact: manooshreepatel (at) berkeley (dot) edu

With my research, I aim to work towards increasing student access to a quality and humane STEM education at the secondary and higher education levels. Growing up in California’s Central Valley, I realized a huge disparity in educational opportunities and quality when I moved to the Bay Area to attend university. Within the EE and CS fields, marginalized students are faced with numerous challenges that their majority peers may not have. I want to better understand how we might create culturally relevant pedagogies for a broader set of students, increase access points for students to engage with instruction, and build an empathetic community and humane culture within undergraduate engineering departments.

Research interests:

Accessible STEM education, building community in Engineering for marginalized students, Secondary level Robotics education, EE/CS (Electrical Engineering/Computer Science) pedagogy and curriculum, Student perception of interconnectedness across math and CS, critically conscious computing, curricular co-construction, technology use in classrooms, English language learners in STEM classrooms, NLP techniques for student data analytics

Active Projects:

A continuation of understanding the benefits and failure modes of informal student study groups in EE and CS classes with Dr. Ranade.


Manooshree Patel and Swapneel Chalageri. 2023. GlotBot: Hybrid Language Translator for Secondary Level Mathematics Classrooms. In Interaction Design and Children (IDC ’23), June 19–23, 2023, Chicago, IL, USA. ACM, New York, NY, USA 5 Pages.