Timothy Charoenying

Contact:  [email] timothykc <at> berkeley <dot> edu

About Me: My name is Tim. I lead a fairly pedestrian life–literally. In my free time, I enjoy hiking and biking with my wife, son, and two dogs around Boulder, CO. Prior to coming to Berkeley I worked as a special education teacher in New York City. I also have a background in web design and development (CSS, Javascript). The site you are looking at right now was built by me using an open source content management system known as Drupal. I’m also a professional software developer, specializing in iOS/OSX (Objective-C and Swift).

Research Interests: I am interested in the design of contexts for learning, a specific interest of mine is understanding how designers can influence/structure individual’s cognition and affective dispositions through their design/activity mediated choices.  My disseration (filed Spring 2015) examined how students’ multi-modal, perceptual resources can be more closely aligned with mathematical concepts, in particular, those pertaining to early rational number instruction. Additionally, I have been looking at how students’ goal oriented objectives are influenced by, and in turn, influence an activity design. A pedagogical design goal is to achieve what I term “embodied coherence” between learners actions, their goal-oriented objectives, and the concept to be learned.

A fun, representative project is the “Graph Hopper.” This design is intended to: 1) support young children’s conceptualization of number, 2) develop their ability to interpret graphic representations of data such as bar and line graphs, and 3) encourage physical exercise.