Abrahamson, D., & Shulman, A. (2019). Co-constructing movement in mathematics and dance: An interdisciplinary pedagogical dialogue on subjectivity and awareness. 

Feldenkrais Research Journal, 6, 1-24. https://feldenkraisresearchjournal.org/index.php/journal/article/view/13/8

A physical movement can be construed in many ways. For some researchers of mathematics education informed by embodiment theories this is important, as they perceive a mathematical concept as a polysemous structure grounded in multiple interrelated sensorimotor constructions. In this dance is no different. Similarly in both disciplines, the more ways one has of thinking about a movement and the more connections one builds across these different constructions, the deeper and richer one’s understanding and proficiency in enacting the movement and the greater one’s capacity to transpose the learning to new contexts. In both mathematics and dance, instructors thus seek to create conditions for students to develop diverse subjective constructions of the movements they are learning to enact and to explore relations across these different constructions. Any pedagogical discussion of movement, whether in dance or mathematics, must be a discussion of the individual’s subjective phenomenology and increasing awareness. In reflection, the very possibility of the authors’ interdisciplinary dialogue is testimony to the cohesive potential in systemic conceptualizations of human movement.

Ami Shulman, Movement Director, in action

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