Flood, V. J., Schneider, A., Abrahamson, D. (2014) Gesture enhancement of a virtual pedagogical agent: Forms and functions for proportions

In J. L. Polman, E. A. Kyza, D. K. O’Neill, I. Tabak, W. R. Penuel, A. S. Jurow, K. O’Connor, T. Lee & L. D’Amico (Eds.), Proceedings of “Learning and Becoming in Practice,” the 11th International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS) 2014 (Vol. 3, pp. 1593-1594). Boulder, CO: International Society of the Learning Sciences.

We examine expert human mathematics-tutor gestures in the context of an interactive design for proportionality in order to design a virtual pedagogical agent. Early results implicate distinct gesture morphologies serving consistent contextual functionalities in guiding learners towards quantitative descriptions of proportional relations.