Krause, C. M., & Abrahamson, D. (2020). Modal continuity in deaf students’ signed mathematical discourse.

In A. Isabel Sacristán & J. Carlos Cortés (Eds.), “Entre Culturas / Across Cultures”—Proceedings of the 42nd annual meeting of the North-American chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (PME-NA) (pp. 1448–1449). PME-NA.

ABSTRACT: The poster reports on an ongoing design-based research project in which we develop a mathematical learning opportunity that considers sign language as a resource for learning mathematics. More concretely, we adapt a well-established embodied design—the Mathematical Imagery Trainer for Proportions (Abrahamson & Trninc, 2015)—with an eye on emerging manual movement patterns that foster a common ground for mathematical discourse in a way that is conducive to linguistic accuracy of (American) SL. In a two-step design, students first each develop sensorimotor schemes through solving a dynamic interaction problem, then explore in pairs a related mathematical problem, negotiating mathematical meaning in signed discourse. The poster will expand on the design’s rationale and elaborate on the theoretical construct of modal continuity in light of data collected with Deaf and hearing students.

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