Ottmar, E. R., Melcer, E., Abrahamson, D., Nathan, M. J., Fyfe, E., & Smith, C. (2018). Embodied Mathematical Imagination and Cognition (EMIC) Working Group. 

In T. H. Hodges, G. J. Roy, & A. M. Tyminski (Eds.), “Looking back, looking ahead: Celebrating 40 years of PME-NA” — Proceedings of the 40th annual conference of the North-American chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education. Greenville, SC: University of South Carolina.

Embodied cognition is growing in theoretical importance and as a driving set of design principles for curriculum activities and technology innovations for mathematics education. The central aim of the EMIC (Embodied Mathematical Imagination and Cognition) Working Group is to attract engaged and inspired colleagues into a growing community of discourse around theoretical, technological, and methodological developments for advancing the study of embodied cognition for mathematics education. A thriving, informed, and interconnected community of scholars organized around embodied mathematical cognition will broaden the range of activities, practices, and emerging technologies that count as mathematical. EMIC builds upon our prior working groups with a specific focus on how we can leverage emerging technologies to study embodied cognition and mathematics learning. In particular, we aim to develop new theories and extend existing frameworks and perspectives from which EMIC collaboration and activities can emerge.