Eli Pleaner

I am interested in contemplative learning at scale in the digital age, and how to support students in multimodal, embodied participation in learning contexts through novel educational approaches using tangibles and new media.

My research focuses on clay as an expressive medium for surfacing pre-symbolic meaning-making, exploring the felt dimension of learning and the relationship between sensory modalities. I am currently a Master’s student in the Learning Science and Human Development cluster within Berkeley’s Graduate School of Education, working with Dor Abrahamson in the Embodied Design Research Lab, as well as the Berkeley Center for New Media.

Research interests: social-emotional learning, embodied cognition, enactivism, micro-phenomenology, haptic media studies, digital learning environments, multimodal learning analytics, adaptive learning, knowledge tracing, computer science education, contemplative learning, neurodiversity, sensory integration theory, inclusive sensory ethnography, universal design for learning


Pleaner, E. (2022, April). Conversations with Clay: Experiencing Acceleration Through Tactile Modeling. Poster prepared for Research Day, Graduate School of Education, University of California, Berkeley.

Contact: epleaner at berkeley dot edu