Hai Tran


[phone] 916.524.0761
[email] haitran <at> berkeley <dot> edu

About me. I am a 4th year undergraduate at UC Berkeley, with a major in Mathematics (with a teaching concentration) and a minor in Education. Though born in Saigon, Vietnam, I was raised and educated in the most diverse city in America, Sacramento, CA. Beginning Fall 2010, I will join the EDRL community and humbly work under the guidance of Jose Gutierrez to develop interview models in the field of math education.

My passion for math education began when I interned for the Breakthrough Collaborative, where I spent three amazing summers teaching middle school mathematics to under-resourced students in Sacramento.

Aside from my academic studies, I enjoy exercising and playing basketball at the gym, watching TED videos, and embarking on culinary escapades during the weekends.

Research Interests. As a newbie to the research field of math education, I have yet to develop any concrete research interests. With that said, I am curious to learn more about the design and implementation of math curriculum in secondary schools. Moreover, I am interested in math pedagogy and its role in making math conceptually accessible to all students, particularly students of color. My current favorite article is by Luis Radford, entitled “Gestures, Speech, and the Sprouting of Signs: A Semiotic-Cultural Approach to Students’ Types of Generalizations.”