Jacob Huth

I am a cognitive science major, studying currently in my third year in Osnabrück, Germany.

In 2010 I had the fortune to participate in this group as a visiting scholar at UCB. Originating from neuroscience centered cognitive science, I learned a lot about the traditional roots of education approaches as well as the cutting edge questions of the learning sciences.

My research interest covers human cognition in the broadest sense. The lens(es) of education research reveal aspects of our cognition that are all too easily overlooked and the question “Why don’t our students get it?” raises issues on the whole spectrum of what we know about how we think and interact with each other and drives those frontiers forwards. The important interplay of individual growth and social guidance fascinates me twofold: on the one hand we learn about the student and how to adjust the learning process and on the other hand we might learn about the nature of all human knowledge, since it too builds on similar principles.