Lizzy Dutton

I am an Algebra 1 and Precalculus teacher at Mission High School in San Francisco Unified. I completed the MACSME program at UC Berkeley in 2018, where I was a participant in EDRL. My master’s thesis explored the role of semiotic breakdown in collaborative problem-solving with an in-depth case study of the 4-Views Problem, which tasks students to create a 3-dimensional construction from 2-dimensional views.

As a teacher, I design learning experiences for students to collaboratively negotiate seemingly divergent mathematical perspectives with the goal of students seeing mathematics as an ambiguous, creative, and open-ended exploration of our world that can incorporate “both/and” perspectives. I am also interested in how my personal experiences with improvisational comedy and improvisational music connect to teaching and learning, particularly with the co-construction of learning environments and discourse structures.

Starting in Fall of 2020, I will be teaching at MetWest High School in Oakland Unified School District.

Email: elizabeth_dutton at berkeley dot edu

Dutton, E. (2018). Mathematics learning as perceptual reconstruction: The role of semiotic breakdown in collaborative problem solving. Unpublished Masters thesis. University of California Berkeley.