Raul Sanchez

About me: I am a visiting scholar coming from the Universidad Europea de Madrid (Spain). My degree was in Sport Science but my Masters and Phd was focused on Sociology so I am combining both fields in my lecturing and in research. Also, since my Phd I got involved in the study of the cognitive sciences, especially embodied cognition approaches (being enactivism my main reference).  

A keen practitioner of any kind of corporeal activity (from swimming to climbing, from skateboarding to aikido), I am especially interested in the field of martial arts/combat sports and adventure activities.

Research interests: my current research interest is related to the study of skill acquisition through ethnographic studies informed by an embodied cognition approach. My main goals at EDRL are threefold: (i) to understand better the development of (mathematical) thinking from an embodied standpoint; (ii) to analyze the relationship between explicitly and implicitly embodied activities;(iii) to learn more about embodied design research applied to educational settings in order to transfer it to PE and sports.


Skill acquisition in martial arts

Skill acquisition in climbing

Feldenkrais, embodied cognition and skill acquisition