Jennifer Wang

About me: My background is in electrical engineering and computer science.  I became interested in education from my experiences tutoring other students in math and science and volunteering at local schools.

Research interests: I want to combine my engineering and education interests to develop and design interactive, tangible technologies for learners of all ages.  I am particularly interested in informal learning environments, such as museums like the Exploratorium and the Lawrence Hall of Science.

I am also interested in exposing engineering to the K-12 level, during which many students have little knowledge of who engineers are and what they really do.  Through engineering workshops, field trips, and integration of engineering concepts into classrooms, I hope more students are motivated to pursue the field of engineering.  I believe project-based learning that allows students to work on projects within the community is an underutilized approach to expose real engineering to students.

Outside of the field of education, I am interested engineering design, particularly human-centered design and product design and development.