Abrahamson, D. (Chair), & Gerofsky, S. (Discussant). (2024, April). In-sight out: Challenges and opportunities in learning mathematics through negotiating egocentric and allocentric perspectives.

Symposium presented for the SIG Research in Mathematics Education at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Philadelphia, April 11–14.

ABSTRACT. Situated collaborative mathematics learning has been characterized as a negotiation between different perspectives that participants tacitly bring to bear in making sense of problematic situations. In this symposium, a collective of independent design-based research projects pool their insights on how participants in experimental pedagogical activities negotiated specifically across egocentric vs. allocentric perceptions of spatial displays, eventually leading to emergent insights that proved critical in grounding new concepts. We draw tentative inferences for a heuristic design framework oriented on supporting mathematics learning through encountering, surfacing, and reconciling perspectival tensions. Finally, we suggest how researchers may leverage analogous perspectival negotiations when investigating empirical learning data. As body-scale XR infuses classrooms, our insights could inform practices for expressing these experiences in normative forms.

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