Embodied Design and Multimodal Learning Analytics

Time and place: May 6 – 10, 2024, EDRL at UC Berkeley

This international gathering is made possible through generous support from the Peder Sather Grant Program (Abrahamson & Jensensius).

About the workshop

Abrahamson et al. (2022) recently called for a merging of Embodied Design-Based Research and Learning Analytics to establish a coherent and integrated focus on Multimodal Learning Analytics of Embodied Design. In Spring 2022, members of EDRL and selected international collaborators of the lab participated in “Rhythm Rising,” a workshop week hosted at University of Oslo’s RITMO Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Rhythm, Time, and Motion. The workshop featured activities for graduate students to learn the scientific research methodologies of gathering physical, physiological, and neurobiological data from study participants engaged in interactive learning of STEM content. The activities combined the respective expertise of Abrahamson (learning sciences) and Jensenius (embodied music cognition and technology) to investigate sensorimotor micro-processes hypothesized to form the cognitive basis of conceptual understandings, such as hand- and eye actions leading to the emergence of mathematical insight. Whereas the Oslo workshop spurred great enthusiasm among the graduate students, its duration only allowed time for initial data collection. Therefore, we would like to regather in Spring 2024 to continue our collaborative work and to share insights about data analysis, visualization, and interpretation. Concurrently, we’ll develop ideas for future joint research projects.

Schedule (under construction)

May 6

May 7

May 8

Mai 9

May 10

Dean welcome? Intro/recap

1-min/1-slide presentations


EDRL project introductions

RITMO presentations on MMLA

Break-up into groups for elaboration and pilot trials

Report back to big group

CNMAT: music data gathering



Data Analysis Group work

General sharing


Workshop reports






RITMO project introductions


Presentation by Alik Palatnik


OTHO with Ilona Iłowiecka-Tańska and Dor Abrahamson

Data collection/ analysis

Feldenkrais Lesson with Ami Shulman

General Discussion

Future collaborations

RITMO visitors

Alexander Refsum Jensenius

Anna-Maria Christodoulou

Bálint Laczkó

Bilge Serdar Göksülük

Finn Upham

Jinyue Guo

Kayla Rob Burnim

Laura Elizabeth Bishop

Maham Riaz

Other international visitors

Alik Palatnik

Ami Shulman

Ilona Iłowiecka-Tańska

EDRL people

Dor Abrahamson

Jacqueline Anton

Jerry The Goat

Jessica Benally

Julien Putz

Manooshree Patel

Ratih Ayu Apsari

Sam Hilkey

Sofia Tancredi


Dor Abrahamson

Alexander Refsum Jensenius


EDRL (UC Berkeley) and RITMO (University of Oslo)